Voice of America

  • Senior Editor for Video Productions
  • Award winning documentary producer; Seasoned writer, videographer, and photographer; Rich experiences with training and tutoring young media professionals
  • Specializes in nonfiction writing; video production; filmmaking; photography; American politics; international relations

Skyworks Solution

  • Specializes in RF/Analog IC design
  • Has solid skills in lab evaluation and debug using network analyzer, spectrum analyzer, signal generator, temperature chamber, oscilloscope, and soldering station
  • Holds in-depth understanding of RF systems, IC design tools and simulators: Cadence (SpectreRF, APS, Virtuoso) and useful softwares: MATLAB, EXCEL
  • Knowledgeable of LTE UE standard: interpretation of system level specs to circuit level requirement
  • Strong problem solving capability and good written/presentation skills to report design review and correlation analysis between silicon measurement and simulation results


  • Zhen is a tax executive specialize in R&D Credits and Domestic Production Manufacturing Deduction Practices within the US, and R&D Incentive Practice for Mainland China;
  • Zhen also has extensive knowledge and experience in providing location study negotiations for multinational corporations wishing to expand into China;
  • Member of the EY Global Exchange Program;
  • Certified Public Accountants


  • 华盛顿大学统计学硕士
  • 清华大学应用数学系本科
  • 在数据科学/分析与金融领域有多年工作经验
  • 熟知数据科学家与商业分析师岗位面试流程,在银行、科技、保险、咨询类公司面试经验丰富
  • 擅长staticstics, R, sql, Python, machine learning, fix income, investment, mock interview, resume editing


  • 中国最大的医疗仪器上市公司深圳迈瑞生物医疗电子副总裁,首席科学家
  • 精通医疗器械知识产权保护、心脏心电图分析,发明自动体外心脏去颤器
  • 国家“千人”北京市特聘专家;中国国家技术支撑计划项目专家;深圳“孔雀计划”项目专家;通和资本投资合伙人;华南国际经济贸易仲裁委员会仲裁员;美国多家医疗设备上市公司首席技术官、首席软件架构师、高级软件工程师。

Orderbond LLC

  • 拥有十多年在美留学、求职、工作的经历
  • 在美国投资/金融、会计等不同行业有多年工作经验,就职公司包括资产管理公司、医疗管理公司、会计师事务所等
  • 拥有美国注册会计师(CPA)执照
  • 通过美国特许金融分析师(CFA)全部考试
  • 熟知会计、金融行业求职技巧
  • 对于如何在投资管理行业和会计/财务领域规划职业发展有独到见解