Excellence Opto, Inc. (EOI)

  • Program Manager at Excellence Opto, Inc. (EOI)
  • Specializes in Power Electronics, Automotive Lighting, Cross-functional Team Leadership, Strategy and Operation, and Lean Manufacturing
  • MBA, University of Michigan – Stephen Ross School of Business, 2015-2017
  • Master’s Degree, Electrical Engineering, University of Michigan, 2011-2013


  • Zhen is a tax executive specialize in R&D Credits and Domestic Production Manufacturing Deduction Practices within the US, and R&D Incentive Practice for Mainland China;
  • Zhen also has extensive knowledge and experience in providing location study negotiations for multinational corporations wishing to expand into China;
  • Member of the EY Global Exchange Program;
  • Certified Public Accountants

Rebecca Tech

  • 拥有在世界500强企业超过15年的研发尖端产品并把产品推向市场的经验, 近年来致力于医疗器械创新创业,现任自创企业COO。
  • 擅长领域:Entrepreneurship, Design/Development of Medical Devices, Project management
  • As someone who took the typical path of coming to the United States to further my study and pursue a career of my own, I am passionate about the opportunity to work with young people and help them succeed in their career pursuit.


  • 高通公司高级资深工程师/经理
  • 中国旅美科协原副会长,旅美科协圣地亚哥分会原会长
  • 精通SoC芯片体系结构虚拟仿真,以及结构设计,
  • 提供职业发展和个人能力培训, 原我学网成长顾问
  • 清华大学计算机系本科,加州大学尔湾分校计算机系博士。斯坦福大学高级项目管理证书


  • Sharethrough资深软件工程师
  • 十余年的IT行业从业经历,曾在硅谷各大公司担任过软件工程师,在软件开发行业有非常丰富的经验
  • 精通MySQL,Git,JavaScript,Linux,CSS,PHP,HTML等


  • Over 20 years experience in IT field
  • Had experience working at Fortune 500 companies, Microsoft, and Intel
  • Currently working as IT/Security consultant at T-Mobile
  • Had held positions as IT manager, security engineer, IT administrator, network engineer, QA, auditor, IT architect, and software localization