• NetApp 商业系统分析师
  • 主要负责现有商业系统的分析以及为NetApp客户提供技术支持,同时为SAP数据管理提供解决方案
  • 曾就职于SAP公司,担任程序员和分析师9年
  • 曾在CRM担任移动终端专家,在Aglient Technologies公司担任IT系统设计师
  • 精通ABAP, SAP CRM, SAP ERP, SAP R3等系统的设计与技术支持

Caipital Group

  • 人力资本投资顾问公司本瓴才富(Capital Group)的创始人和CEO
  • 原任美国罗盛咨询纽约海外中国中心董事总经理和全球合伙人
  • 著名高端猎头公司瑞士亿康先达国际(EgonZehnder)历史上第一位中国背景的全球合伙人,任亚太区工业制造业管理合伙人
  • 美国智库阿斯本菁英学院(AspenInstitute)中国创始会员,公益组织雨亭行动创始人,并曾在2014年在美国被授予“美国亚裔商务人士50杰”的称号

Parker Aerospace

  • 5 years’ experience in ERP industry in North America and 4 years in China which includes Oracle Siebel CRM/SAP CRM and SD/Salesforce including 11 full-cycle IT consulting projects experience.
  • Successfully transferred from economic business background to IT related background with in 2 months.
  • Strong responsibility and rich experience in helping students for interviewing and writing professional resume to apply jobs on US market.
  • California State University -Los Angeles; Master in Computer Information system
  • Shanghai Jiaotong University, Bachelor in Economics

Inteva Products

  • Current Sr. Materials Engineer/Project Manager at Inteva Products
  • Lead Materials Engineer/ Project Manager at Whirlpool Corporation 2013-2016
  • Proven engineering, testing, manufacturing and project management professional with comprehensive experience in Automotive, Appliances, Chemicals and Materials industries
  • MBA Candidate at the University of Chicago


  • Verizon自动化技术工程师
  • 主要负责自动化和API测试
  • 曾在亚马逊旗下实验室作首席API测试专家,也曾担任多家技术公司的高级工程师。在自动化测试领域工作14年
  • 精通JAVA, PYTHON 等编程语言,同时精通基于各大平台的软件开发

Netherlands Institute for neuroscience

  • Account manager at Netherlands Institute for neuroscience
  • Specializes in exploring the needs of pharmaceuticals (JNJ, GSK et al.) assisting them for clinical trials and drug targets validation
  • Received Young Investigator Award of The European Histamine Research Society in 2013
  • Had published studies in high-ranking journals like Neurobiology of Aging, Sleep, and Brain Pathology and summarized the work in two of the highest ranking journals (Nature reviews Neurology and Trends in Neurosciences)