Domain: Management of Technology

Jack K.

Over 20 years experience in IT field Had experience working at Fortune 500 companies, Microsoft, and Intel Currently working as IT/Security consultant at T-Mobile Had held positions as IT manager, security engineer, IT administrator, network engineer, QA, auditor, IT architect, and software localization

Kevin S.

Startup CEO, Fortune 500 Sr.VP, Professor and Mentor 曾任多家财富500强公司从事高管职位,在商业并购 (M&A)、咨询、企业管理运营方向都有丰富的经验 曾完成30多个并购项目,交易总额高达$45亿美金。也曾管理过$3.5亿美金的高科技产品生产线 曾在国际关系学院做教授并在对外经济贸易大学做MBA导师。他辅导的上百位学生现在均分布在中国和北美的各个公司的管理层