Domain: Accounting

Cindy L.

拥有十多年在美留学、求职、工作的经历 在美国投资/金融、会计等不同行业有多年工作经验,就职公司包括资产管理公司、医疗管理公司、会计师事务所等 拥有美国注册会计师(CPA)执照 通过美国特许金融分析师(CFA)全部考试 熟知会计、金融行业求职技巧 对于如何在投资管理行业和会计/财务领域规划职业发展有独到见解

Zhen W.

Zhen is a tax executive specialize in R&D Credits and Domestic Production Manufacturing Deduction Practices within the US, and R&D Incentive Practice for Mainland China; Zhen also has extensive knowledge and experience in providing location study negotiations for multinational corporations wishing to expand into China; Member of the EY Global Exchange Program; Certified Public Accountants

Kunlun C.

Accounting and Finance (Bachelor’s degree) Master of Accountancy with focus in Information System Audit and Controls (Master’s degree)

Jennifer L.

PwC Chicago, Assurance Associate 熟悉四大的招聘流程,今年已帮助2名学生进入四大 马奎特大学会计硕士,澳门大学会计学士